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Cannibal family Confesses

A "CANNIBAL family" has confessed to butchering and eating at least 30 people in Russia over two decades, cops said.

Dmitry Baksheev, 35, and his wife Natalia, 42, allegedly served a stuffed and decorated human head as dinner and pickled human remains in jars.

The couple were arrested after the dismembered body of a young woman was found in a military academy in Krasnodar where they worked.

Dmitry admitted the grim killing and boasted about multiple other murders after a phone was found with pictures of a man posing for selfies with dead bodies.

He told interrogators he began his macabre reign of terror in 1999.

Police have so far discovered eight frozen body parts and flayed skin as they attempt to verify the gruesome claims.

The pair stand accused of drugging their victims with tranquiliser Corvalol before attacking them and storing their remains in their fridge, freezer and cellar. Sickening images show how the couple allegedly preserved some human "meat" in jars.

Around 19 pieces of human skin were also discovered which had allegedly been "removed from dead people".

Dmitry was taken into custody after the chopped up remains of a woman were discovered in bucket and bag in a military academy on September 12.

Another bag was filled with the dead woman's possessions.
Dmitry is understood to have lived at the academy with his wife, who works as a nurse there.

Natalia Baksheeva, who is seven years older than her husband, came to live in Krasnodar from Omutinsk town in Kirov region.

The couple has admitted to carrying out dozens of murders since 1999.

One sickening image dated 29 December 1999 appears to show a head being served as Christmas dinner surrounded by oranges.

 Cops uncovered "video lessons for cannibals" at their homes, according to Livekuban.ru. The couple are being held in Krasnodar as cops investigate.
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