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Appearing At His Own Funeral!!

A 41-year-old Brazilian man appeared alive at his own funeral at his mother's house, causing a scare to all the friends and family members who were there.

Gilberto Araújo arrived at his mother's house in Alagoinhas, near Salvador, on Sunday, precisely when everyone was around the coffin where they believed the body of this washer was. Some of those present, faced with what they thought was a haunting even fainted, the BBC reported in the online edition.

Last weekend a car cleaner had been killed and it was suspected that the victim was Gilberto,his brother was even called by the authorities to recognize the body. However, as he told the same television network, José Marcos had not seen Gilberto for four months and the body he saw was very similar to his brother's, so he mistakenly identified him and took him to his mother's house for the funeral.
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