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Almost Going To Jail For Sharing Pictures Of Ex-Girlfriend!!

Jamie Leitch, 25 yo, was ordered to pay more than 550 euros to the ex-girlfriend for sharing intimate photographs of her former partner. 

The case happened in Scotland at the beginning of this year, after the couple had ended the relationship. According to the British newspaper The Daily Mail, Kelly McGurk, 29, was devastated after learning that the intimate images and video had been shared. The man will have filmed without Kelly McGurk knowing and subsequently sent to friends. 

The images were seen by dozens of people, after the woman had ended the love affair that had lasted four years. The man will have become jealous and, as revenge, shared the intimate images of the ex-girlfriend. The victim made a complaint to the authorities and Jamie Leitch, called to provide clarification, admitted the crime last month. In addition to paying an indemnity of more than 550 euros, the man will have to do 250 hours of community work in the next nine months.

Jamie Leitch

According to The Sun newspaper, Jamie Leitch, accused of revenge pornography, will also register as a sex offender for 18 months. In The Mirror newspaper, the defense lawyer said the man was "ashamed" and aware of the "stress" he caused the victim. Speaking to the British newspaper, Kelly McGurk did not know she was being photographed. But the woman confesses that she has sent some intriguing images of her ex-partner's threats. "It was hell," the victim remembers The Mirror. 

The former couple met in a call center near Glasgow, Scotland, where they worked together. Kelly McGurk says that a year ago the relationship was no longer working. 

The victim, a student of aesthetics, now seeks to encourage others who suffer from acts of pornography, to report the cases to the police. The crime of revenge pornography came into force in Scotland last month. 
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