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Tired Of Eating Human Flesh!!

A man surrendered to a South African squad, with a severed human leg and hand, saying he was a cannibal and "tired of eating human flesh." 

The man took the authorities to his house in Estcourt, where several parts of dismembered bodies were found. According to South African police, the man has raped, killed and consumed parts of the body of several hitherto unidentified women. 

The suspect is described as "a traditional healer" and, during his confession, involved two more accomplices in the crimes. The three men have already been brought to court and are already charged with murder at a time when the investigation is still ongoing.

A fourth suspect was still detained, who had in his possession pieces of human flesh. Local police chief Mthembeni Majola fears more bodies will be found. 

"We followed a clue that led us to the house of this fourth detainee. We discovered eight ears in a bottle," he explained. A spokesman further said that "the three suspects confessed to having killed a woman, having dismembered the body then". 

"They consumed part of the body of the victim and shared another part with another suspect, detained in Amangwe. At this moment there is only confirmation of a victim," said Charmaine Struwig of the South African police.
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