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Race for the Best Spot by the Pool - Video

The summer holidays are supposed to be about rest and relaxation away from the chaos of ordinary life.

But that appears to be the furthest thing from the minds of these people as they race for sun loungers in scenes that will be distressingly familiar to British holidaymakers.

This extraordinary video was captured at Hotel Servatur Waikiki at the popular Playa del Ingles resort in Gran Canaria just as the pool opened at 8am.

Hotel insiders say people begin queuing at 7.30am each day in order to bag a prime spot in the first row of sun loungers.

And despite the stereotype of Germans being the first to lay their towels, sources say it is the British and Irish are the worst offenders.

In many cases they lay their towels down and head into breakfast before returning at their leisure. The hotel has a total of almost 500 rooms, with more than 150 sun beds visible in the footage.

The problem of sunbed bagging has got so bad, hotel staff have now been instructed to remove towels from loungers left empty for two or three hours.
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