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Penises Are Growing On 12 Years Old Girls!!

A genetic disorder in the children of Salinas, in the Dominican Republic, causes 90% of girls to grow a penis by age 12. 

This condition is described by physicians as pseudohermaphroditism. The unusual situation occurring in this village was investigated in the BBC Two series "Countdown to Life - The Extraordinary Making of You". 

Johnny, a resident of the city, admitted that although he is now physically a man, he was once a girl, known as Felicitia. "I remember wearing a red dress. I used to wear skirts at school," added the popular.

The rare mutation is caused by an enzyme that prevents the production of the male sex hormone when the fetus is still in the womb. When babies are born with this mutation, they are confused with girls, causing later on in later puberty the testosterone flowed. 

Thus, in adolescence, the ambiguous genitalia develops and the 'girls' of Salinas end up developing a penis. "When they are born, they look like girls, confusing the testicles with a vagina. Only then when they are at puberty do the testicles go down and the penis grows," said Dr. Michael Mosley, who follows the case.
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