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Moving Car Bridge Opens With Car On Top Of It!!

An American family got a hell of a scare when the moving car bridge began to open and the driver have to accelarate, otherwise the car would have fall on water.

It all happened when Terence Naphys was at the wheel of his Toyota Rav4 at Jersey Shore Drawbridge in New Jersey. She went with her family to Cape May when she felt the bridge begin to open beneath her car. 

Fearing that the car he was carrying with his wife, his daughter and a friend of his daughter would fall into the water, Terence did not stop and sped up, managing to leap over the opening and land safely on the other side.

"It's scary what's going on in our head. We could have fallen in the water," NBC told the American, who was able to go on a trip, but was left with about $ 10,000 (about 8.5 thousand euros) of car damage. 

The bridge operator revealed that the sun had hit his eyes and that he thought the car would have passed when he opened the bridge to let a ship pass. The case is being investigated by the police.
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