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Man Accidentally Shot Woman's Vagina!!

A man who accidentally fired a shotgun while it was inserted into her lover's vagina to satisfy a fetish was sentenced to a ten-year prison sentence. 

David Jeffers, 47, fled in panic at a hotel in the English city of Manchester after leaving his disfigured partner in bed. The 46-year-old victim, who can not be identified for legal reasons, had bladder and reproductive organ injuries but survived. 

Days before the meeting, she wrote Jeffers a text message. "I can not sleep, I'm so excited." The victim, who worked with a manager in Stockport, paid him to meet her at the hotel on 30 January.

According to the Daily Mail, the couple consumed alcoholic beverages and drugs before beginning sexual intercourse. Jeffers, of Harehills, Leeds, inserted the loaded shotgun (which he claims to have found in a pub toilet) in the vagina before accidentally depressing the trigger. With the victim naked in bed, Jeffers called the reception and asked for help before dressing and fleeing through a back exit. When a hotel employee came to the room where the woman was, she said, "I'm in agony. I'm going to die." 

The victim was then hospitalized and survived.
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