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Losing Child Custody Because of QI!!

Eric Ziegler, 38, and Amy Fabbrini, 31, lost custody of their children allegedly because of their low intelligence. The case was in Oregon, in the United States. 

The eldest son was taken from the couple a few days after his birth, followed by the youngest son, according to the Oregonian newspaper The Oregonian. 

The withdrawal was due to several complaints from family members who claimed that the welfare of the children would be at risk. Amy's own father said that she "had no maternal instinct." At the origin is the couple's alleged low IQ, Eric, with 66 points, and Amy, with 72, both below average, between 90 and 110. The couple underwent a test that found these values after the accusations were made.

However, not everyone who surrounds the couple agrees with this decision. 

Specialist Sherrene Hagenbach, who trains the couple, said that "after multiple sessions to see Amy and Eric interacting with their children, no reason was found for the children to be withdrawn and given to the care of the State," said the same. newspaper.
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