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Jail For Life Because Of Parrot!!

A North American woman was found guilty of the death of her husband, who was shot five times in 2015. What differs from this case of the rest of the violence about the partner is that he may have been witnessed by the parrot of the couple, who will have reproduced the last words of the victim.

Glenna Duram, 49, fatally shot her husband at their home in Sand Lake, Mich., before turning the gun on herself in a failed attempt to commit suicide. The case occurred in May 2015 but it is only now that the process is over.

Glenna was sentenced to life imprisonment for first-degree murder by a Michigan county judge. The defense is still considering whether to appeal the decision, local media reported this week. 

It turns out that the victim's ex-wife, Christina Keller, who took care of Martin and Glenna's pet, a blue parrot named Bud, ensures that it reproduces what she believes were their last conversation. He even said that he was sure that the parrot exclaimed "do not shoot", thus imitating the possible last words of the victim.
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