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Investigated For Having 102 Kids!!

A sperm donor in the Netherlands is being investigated for having, according to the authorities, nothing more, nothing less, than 102 kids. Against the law of that country, the man donated sperm to 11 fertilization clinics. 

The complaint came from a group of single mothers who detected the same donor when they went to several Dutch fertility clinics. Sperm donors sign a contract in which they commit and donate to more clinics but there is no control body that checks the commitment made. 

To a Dutch daily, the man, who did not want to identify, guarantees that what is at stake is not "to have as many children as possible". "I like to do it and I just want people to be happy. It makes me feel useful." The gratitude of the doctors and the possible parents is fantastic, the man says.

Before being discovered, the donor ensures that the clinics have always appreciated their donation. "They were very happy that I pass all the tests with flying colors. I have good genes because my sperm was used almost immediately. 

The Artificial Insemination Foundation is investigating the case, which is being accompanied by the Dutch Ministry of Health, body which is already considered that "there is a lack of cross-checking and supervision in fertility clinics." 

The Dutch law stipulates that a man who donated sperm can only be biological father of 25 children, in order to limit the chances of the children come To engage in a loving relationship without knowing that they are half-brothers.
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