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How To Steal All Attentions - Video!!

A girl has 'stolen' stardom from her mother during a live interview on UK television channel ITV News. The child climbed on the table of the well-known pivot Alastair Stewart who knew how to handle the situation. 

The timing is becoming viral. The lunchtime paper was on the air when little Iris 'fried' being quiet in the studio and came up to the table while her mother, Lucy, was interviewed about the allergies that milk can cause in babies. 

Stewart left the child at ease and said that in the "next few minutes" Iris could "do whatever she wanted". Already in March of this year, the daughters of a professor invaded a direct from the BBC, at a time that also became viral in the social networks. 

The older one, she appears to dance, followed by the second, a baby on a walker. Adding to the situation, a running woman appears and visibly embarrassed, who "pulls" the children out of the office and tries to sneak out, convinced that she is not appearing on the live recording.

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