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Hand Stuck Inside His Belly After Accident!!

Antony Seward was only twenty when he went to fight a fire that changed his life forever. The flames had broken out at the Heathcote Fabrics textile factory in Tiverton, UK, and the young man was on fire when he leaned on an industrial calender, his hand crushed in the machine's bearings. 

The mill didn't have the safety barrier for 31 months, which could have prevented the accident. Antony was at risk of losing his hand, but the surgeons resorted to an unusual procedure to save the extremity of the young man: they sewed the hand inside Antony's abdomen in order to allow the skin to regenerate and the remaining fingers to receive flow Of continuous blood. Three weeks later the hand was separated from the abdomen and the skin formed was used to cover the hand.

Grafts were also made with skin on the young man's arm. Antony is now, a year after the accident, undergoing a series of procedures to separate his fingers. The doctors also admit the possibility of transplanting the toes "so that the fingers have tips and ability to grasp objects". 

"The doctors did a spectacular job and I could not be more grateful.It was impossible to do better.I never thought I could recover my hand.It has been months of horrible pain and a very complicated recovery," admitted the young man in court in a When the textile company was ordered to pay a fine of 350 thousand euros for not having the security barrier in the machine that caused the tragedy.
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