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Genius Girl Made Revenge

When 19-year-old Beth Baston was accidentally sent a photo of the boy she was seeing in bed with another girl, she understandably felt pretty hurt.

The photo had been sent via Snapchat by the boy’s friend who had quite clearly forgotten that he had Beth on there as a contact.

As their relationship was fairly new, Beth didn’t stay upset for too long – and once she’d come around, she decided to take her revenge with the help of her friend Alicia Carley.

Beth decided that in order to get back at the boy she would make it look as though she too was with someone else for a photo that would be sent over Snapchat.

To do this, Alicia stuffed socks down a pair of boxers to make it look like she had a penis.

Beth told Metro.co.uk: ‘It was my idea to take a picture making it look like I’m with a boy, and my friend decided to go extra by making a dick out of socks and putting on some boxers.

‘We had such a laugh taking the pictures trying to get the right angle where the ‘dick’ looked bigger’.

Unsurprisingly, the boy Beth had been seeing didn’t find the image too amusing – in fact, since Beth sent it to him she hasn’t heard a peep.
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