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Disney Socks With Cancer Causing Chemicals!!

A pair of socks featuring characters from Disney's "Frozen" movie has been recalled on suspicion of containing cancer-causing chemicals. 

This piece of clothing was sold by the Finnish company Lindex. According to the Daily Mail, the chemical material that triggered the withdrawal of the product, which was sold in packages of three pairs of socks of different colors, was found in a pair of blue socks, illustrated with the character Anna of Arendelle, of the famous film "Frozen ". 

The packaging also contains pairs of socks with images of Queen Elsa and the snowman Olaf, which did not pose any health hazard.

Despite the rapid response of the company, the controversy was installed in social networks, with many users disgusted with the arrival of such product to the final consumer. "How are these kinds of situations allowed? 

Consumers are being cheated when they are sold poisonous products and are later asked to return the products," a woman comments on Facebook. According to The Sun newspaper, those who bought the socks in question should return them to Lindex, which will refund all visas. 

The multinational Lindex belongs to the Stockmann group, also owner of the well-known clothing brand H & M. With a presence in Europe and the Middle East, the company employs around 5,000 workers.
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