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Boy Inserts Magnetic Beads Into His Urethra!!

An 11-year-old Chinese boy was operated on after inserting 26 magnetic beads into the urethra. The problem was only detected by the boy's parents when he began to urinate blood. 

The child, identified only as Pi Pi, was playing with the magnetic balls, known as 'Buckballs', when he was 'curious' to insert them into the penis. When he arrived at the hospital, an X-ray showed that the chain of small Spheres had already 'climbed' through the penis and was causing a bladder blockage.

The blockage caused by the spheres was resulting in a large swelling and the onset of an infection, which was the first concern of the hospital doctors in Wenzhou, China. 

"The surgery was a success. Ten of the tiny magnetic beads were already inside his bladder and the others were stuck along the urethra. It could have been more serious if it had not been detected in time," said Dr. Wang, Operation, adding that he had seen "similar cases among curious children with their own bodies".
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