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Borned With The Intestine Out Of The Body!!

Jacey Pollock, was born with a rare condition. When she came into the world, the girl had her bowel out of the body, something that put her life at risk and that forced her to jump from hospital to hospital throughout her childhood. 

Today at the age of eight, Jacey has been struggling to fight for her life. Two weeks ago, the girl was in a coma after another operation. Days later, he had a cardiac arrest.

Luckily, the doctors managed to save her. The girl's mother, Jennifer, remembers the day she discovered that her daughter had a health problem, was still pregnant. 

He chose to have the child, since being a mother was his biggest dream, after having suffered multiple miscarriages. When he was born, some doctors did not believe it could survive for more than a few months. In fact, Jacey contradicted the sentence and nowadays.
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