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White Woman Pretended to be Black for Ten Years

Rachel Dolezal has been blasted by Piers Morgan for 'running away' from an interview on Good Morning Britain. The 39-year-old, who identifies as 'trans-black', was outed as a white woman in 2015 by her own parents after misleading friends, colleagues and the public. The former NAACP leader first wanted to change her skin colour at a young age, but caused outrage after pretending to be black for more than ten years. She was due to appear on ITV's breakfast show with Piers, but he revealed the 'coward' had 'done a runner'.
Speaking on the show, he said: "We were going to be interviewing Rachel Dolezal, the quite infamous American woman who was born to white parents but identifies as black, which is obviously ridiculous, but she's done a runner. "Couldn't stand the heat so she's got out of the kitchen before we put the kettle on. Apologies, but wherever you are Miss Dolezal we know why you don't want to talk about this, because you're white. He added: "It's incredibly insulting and offensive, so apologies to viewers, I think she's now identifying as a coward but there's not much we can do about that."
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