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White Walkers are Back - Video

Commuters in London can take all sorts of things in their stride - including, it appears, an invasion of supernatural warriors from Game Of Thrones.

A group of White Walkers, joined by their leader, the Night King, on horseback, crossed Tower Bridge on Tuesday to promote the seventh season of HBO’s fantasy series.

The group of terrifying supernatural ice creatures were spotted at Oxford Circus in the morning before they wandered further east later in the day.

They nearly managed to infiltrate the Royal Family, seen riding past Buckingham Palace on horseback.

The eagerly-awaited seventh season of the smash hit HBO show kicks off on Monday, with the penultimate series consisting of just seven episodes.

Actress Emilia Clarke recently hinted that her character will survive to star in the final series, but isn't’ set to star in any spin-offs.

“I have no doubt there'll be prequels and sequels and who knows what else,” she told Rolling Stone.
 “But I am doing one more season. And then that'll be it.”
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