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Putting Champagne Back in The Bottle!! - Video

An Emirates flight attendant was caught putting the contents of a leftover glass of champagne back into the bottle. The case is being investigated. 

Russian passenger Yevgeny Kayumov filmed the incident while flying in Emirates business class, but the flight attendant had picked up the compo and the champagne in the business class area. The flight was bound for Dubai.

On Instagram's account, the passenger wrote, "I accidentally shot this video and did not even notice it ... afterwards I saw the woman pour unfinished champagne out of a glass, back into the bottle." The man asked the airline, "Is this normal Emirates practice?" 

Some followers commented on the publication saying "there is no problem" in putting the contents in the bottle. Others accused the passenger of "calling into question the work of the flight attendant." One user said that "she ought to be praised ... someone else would put the rest in the toilet, which is a waste." "Maybe it would have been better to have it done in the kitchen, but fortunately Emirates has a responsible team like this lady," he concludes. 

Other comments go to the passenger and reinforce the idea that it is "disgusting."

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