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Pregnant Newborn!!

An Indian baby was born 'pregnant' to her own twin brother. After a 19-year-old mother gave birth in Mumbra, India, doctors discovered another fetus - with brain, arm and legs - hosted in the son's stomach. The seven-centimeter mass was a parasitic twin, a rare case - only 200 were detected worldwide - in which an unviable or underdeveloped fetus lodged within the abdomen of another.

Radiologist Bhavna Thorat, quoted by the Daily Mail, detected the mass during a routine examination of the pregnant girl on 11 July. Nine days later, she found the "other small baby" in the newborn's abdomen. "I could see the bones of the upper and lower limbs of the fetus, but the curious thing was to see the little head with the brain inside," Thorat said. "But this parasitic twin did not have a skull," he added. 

The fetus was then removed at Titan Hospital in the Indian city of Thane. "The baby is now recovering beautifully," Thorat said.
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