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Not Brushing His Teeth For 20 Years!!

The last guest on the American television show "Embarrassing Bodies" was a 21-year-old boy, known as Jay, who decided to show the world the look of his teeth, 20 years without brushing them. 

He regrets it everyday, the man claims that he was never encouraged by parents or close relatives to brush his teeth. "I learned the hard way the devastating effects that food and drink can have on our teeth. Over the years I have eaten a lot of wrong foods, fizzy drinks, and I have not bothered to take care of my teething," he confessed. For Jay the idea of ​​going to the dentist was a nightmare, but here is what they look like!

The trip to the doctor was delayed for years, with the state of teeth always degrading. When he enrolled in the television program, the young man finally decided to visit a dental office, where he was told that his teeth were covered with traces of tartar-hardened food. Through some medical examinations, Jay was informed that he would have to lose 11 teeth and put implants. The young man promised to change his whole lifestyle and to take more care of his oral hygiene.
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