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Killed His Wife Because She Wouldn't Stop Laughing At Him!!

Kenneth Manzanares, 39, a native of the US state Utah, killed his wife, Kristy, during a trip on a cruise because she would not stop laughing at him, sailing near Alaska. 

The man was found with blood-stained hands and clothes in the cabin of the cruise he shared with his wife last night, as the British newspaper Metro reported. 

The woman was found severely wounded in the head, lying on the floor of the cabin draining in blood, according to a FBI source. Before security reach the scene, a man was faced with the situation and asked Manzanares what had happened, to which he replied he had killed his wife because she did not stop laughing from him.

Manzanares will still clutching the body and tried to drag him to the balcony, having been caught by the man who found him and handcuffed for the safety of the ship until the arrival of the authorities, according to the same source. 

The first hearing took place last Thursday via videoconference, directly from Juneau, the capital of Alaska, where Manzanares is in custody. The ship had to be diverted to the city due to the investigation of the crime.
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