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Japonese Are Replacing Wifes For Silicon Dolls!!

Masayuki Ozak, a 45-year-old Japanese physiotherapist, bought a silicone doll to replace her wife during sex because after the wife gave birth, the couple stopped having it. 

The physiotherapist then decided to buy a doll to help him combat loneliness. Ozak lives with his wife and daughter, but shares the bed with the natural-looking, life-size silicone doll whom he called Mayu. "I read an article in a magazine about these dolls and went to see an exhibition. It was love at first sight," said the 45-year-old Japanese.

Despite the doll's lost gaze, Masayuki takes her around in a wheelchair. The Japanese also have wigs, clothes and jewelry to beautify their companion. 

Like Ozak, many men in Japan own these dolls, called love dolls. Above all, widows and people with disabilities. The dolls are seen not only as mere sexual objects, but as companions.

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