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Human Ken Does 10th Operation Knowing That He Could Lose The Nose!

Rodrigo Alves, 34, known as the 'human Ken', decided to celebrate his 10th operation birthday with his nose at a hospital in Kish, Iran, which cost him 25,000 euros. 

Although the doctors warned the man that his nose might fall, he chose to risk it. While in hospital, he also raised his chin and changed his teeth, which now have porcelain covers. 

In total, Rodrigo has already made more than 58 plastic operations. The human Ken spent about 35 thousand euros but considered it to be a birthday gift that he offered himself.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, he revealed that he has spent more than 450,000 euros on surgical procedures and cosmetics. "I did not want to do another nose job, but I had no other choice," he said. "I always wanted to look beautiful, but after the last surgery I could not breathe ... it's difficult to deal with," he continues.

"When I appeared on the 'Botched' show, they had to put subtitles while I was speaking because my voice was too short," he says. "People attack me on social networks because they have a big head," he says, justifying the fact that he has placed a too-square chin implant, which has increased the perception of the size of his head.
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