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Hands and Feet Didn't Stop Growing!!

Lauren Bates, a 26-year-old hairdresser, could not understand why her feet and hands didn't stop growing. Every time he bought a new pair of shoes, in just a few weeks, they "small" again. In his hands, he also could not wear jewelry, because the size of hands didn't stop increasing, as advanced by the British newspaper Mirror. 

The woman, a native of Kent, England, eventually discovered that she had a disease called acromegaly, which translates into an abnormal production of growth hormones. This is caused by a tumor in a brain gland that affects the ability to control the production of these hormones.

Although doctors believe that the disease started at age 16, it began to have the first signs when it reached the age of majority. 

"My grandfather offered me a beautiful ring, but within weeks I could not use it," he told the Mirror. Between the ages of 17 and 24, he had abnormal growth in his feet. 

Studying to become a hairdresser, Lauren suffered from constant migraines and continued to get no answers from doctors. Although exercising regularly, her weight also increased steadily. 

It was at 22 that Lauren decided she had to change her life and look for answers. He was diagnosed with acromegaly syndrome, which was derived from a one-centimeter brain tumor and eventually removed in March 2015.
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