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Finds Out That Boyfriend Has Another Family Because Of Facebook!

Antonia Chinn, a 49-year-old English woman, had just returned from a romantic vacation with her boyfriend, Nathan Willmot, when he saw the long-standing relationship that she kept, collapsing completely and all because of a photograph published on Facebook. 

The woman found a friend in the street who promptly congratulated her on the baby. Antonia did not notice and assured that she had not been a mother. To her surprise, the friend showed her a photograph published on social networks, in which the boyfriend appeared with a baby on his lap in the hospital. The child was the result of another relationship that the boyfriend maintained and had been the mother of the child to share the photo.

Antonia then discovered that Nathan lived a double life and had another family. When he went to work in a workshop, he found the rival with the baby in his arms. The woman said that she had been dating Nathan for a long time and that she was unaware of Antonia. 

When Nathan arrived at the workshop, Antonia immediately ended the relationship and, irritably, kicked her boyfriend's van. Due to this impulsive act, the woman was brought to court for having left the front of the damaged vehicle. 

Nathan demanded almost 3,000 euros from the ex-girlfriend for the damages in the van. However, after hearing the story of the betrayal, the judges were sympathetic and condemned Antonia to pay only 65 euros to the former companion.
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