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Fined 5 Years Old Child For Selling Lemonade!!

A five-year-old child, who was selling homemade lemonade to visitors to the Lovebox festival in London, was fined by a police officer. The agent passed a fine of 120 euros. The girl sold the lemonade near the house in the Mile End and when approached by the police, she began to cry. 

His father, Andre Spicer, told how his daughter burst into tears. Andre, a professor at London City University, apologized to her daughter, saying "she was not trying to make a profit ... she was five years old and was selling lemonade." "When we are five, we believe that a figure of authority is always right," he says.

"My daughter was very sad and went to cry all the way home, repeating that she had done something very serious," he adds. 

The teacher also says that "things like these are common in the United States," despite being "scandalous," a cousin of the child said in statements to The Sun. 

A spokesman for the local authority said he regretted what had happened . "We expect from our police the wise use of powers, that's not happened," he admits.

The fine is going to be removed!!
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