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Finds Dead Mouse In a "Fresh Salad" Package!!

Imagine yourself buying a packet of fresh salad already washed, which even the packaging says "ready to consume," and finds a dead mouse inside. 

This is what happened to Guy Stansfeld, an English man, who only found the dead animal in the middle of the vegetables when it was already in his mouth. 

The 53-year-old architect had bought the salad, which consisted of a mixture of lettuce, in a store in the Tesco supermarket chain. "I was shocked, I ended up drinking half a bottle of whiskey just to forget about it," he tells the Ham & Heigh newspaper.

The man took the salad pack back to the store and made a formal complaint. The store's customer service ensured that an investigation was going to be opened, but the customer is not very confident. 

"People should know that they can not rely on the labels that say the food is washed and ready to eat. I still do not know what to think, let's see what response I have from Tesco."
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