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Emily Ratajkowski Can't Find A Job Because She's Too Sexy!!

Emily Ratajkowski is critical at the American entertainment industry. The mannequin and actress revealed that she has trouble finding work in Hollywood since people consider her "too sexy".

What was her trump card to be one of the most requested models of her generation, can now hurt her in her career as an actress. In an interview with the Australian edition of Harper's Bazaar magazine, Emily Ratajkowski explained that the size of her breasts has not made it easier for her to find new jobs.

"There's something that happens to me:" Oh, she's too sexy. "It's anti-woman, people do not want to work with me because I have big boobs," she began by explaining. "What's wrong with my tits? They're beautiful, feminine, and it needs to be celebrated ... Small or big ... Why should that be a problem?" She asked. 

Ratajkowski is known for saying everything out loud. Last year, she voiced her position on feminism in a Twitter image, in which she appeared in "topless" alongside "socialite" Kim Kardashian.
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