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Detective of Unfaithful Husbands!!!

Rebecca Jane, 32, has probably one of the rarest jobs in the world. The British is a private detective who discovers betrayals from the client's partner who requests their services. 

The woman opened her business in Manchester, it was the year of 2009, and since then has never stopped. The detective uses various techniques to detect "unfaithful spouses" at the request of their own comrades. 

Her own life example and the various infidelities she had been subjected by her former partner drove Rebecca to start her business in an attempt to help women find out if they are being cheated or not. "It was the saddest moment of my life. I discovered that my ex was with me and with at least six other women. At the time I turned to spies and detectives, but I do not know if it was because they were men, they ended up having a very cold attitude in "So I decided to create this business with the goal of helping other women," she told The Sun.

However, the detective claims that over time she discovered that women also commit a lot of infidelity and ensures that it has a range of Clients with as many men as women. 

The business was such a success that Rebecca already has employees working for themselves in more than 40 countries. The methods used vary according to the profile of the client and the alleged traitor. "We use traps in social networks, we put cameras in women's bags and we always take business trips to spy," he says.
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