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Asking Both Sisters In Marriage!!

Will Seaton, 25, from Bristol, Indiana, had to buy two engagement rings when he decided to ask his girlfriend to marry him. It's that Ashley Schaus, 23, has a younger sister who has always been part of the couple's love story. 

The same day she asked Ashley to marry him and then Will also asked Hannah, 16, to spend the rest of her life with him. The girl has Down syndrome and suffers from diabetes, so she has always been accompanied by her sister. 

Since Will met Ashley and started dating, seven years ago, the American knew the two sisters were "a joint promotion," since Hannah has to be always in the care of her older sister.

Hannah went to all the couple's get-togethers and was therefore also an integral part of the marriage proposal. With a knee on the floor and a ring in his hand, Will asked his sister-in-law to be his best friend forever. Only then did he ask Ashley to marry him. "As soon as I met Will I told him that Hannah is and will always be a part of my life and that if he wanted to stay with me, I had to stay with him too. When I saw him kneel in front of Hannah, Cry and then asked if it was me to follow, "recalls the bride. 

The wedding will happen as early as October. Hannah will be the "best sister" and maid of the marriage and will exchange vows of eternal friendship with the groom, which include sharing all secrets, going fishing and looking out for each other forever.
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