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Vampires In Texas!

If you see this couple on the street at night it is best to get away, just in case. The thing is that that Lea Dragonborn, 20, and Tim Doyal, 31, are vampires. 

You're reading well, they're vampires. The young model and the fortune teller, who live in Austin, Texas, consume each other's blood and do not tire of talking about the benefits of this practice. The two had a relationship two years ago, after meeting at a vampire festival and feeling "a connection of darkness."

Both men say that drinking blood is better than sex. "When I feed myself by the blood, it is as good as sex, only as long as I feel the force of life, the essence of the giver, I also feel the energy flowing to me and I feel powerful," explains Count Tim de Van Doorn. 

The girlfriend shares a similar opinion. "I'd rather drink blood than have sex, I'm consuming the essence of the person and that leaves me completely in a trance, I can not describe it, there's no better feeling for me," says Lea.

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