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This Boy Became Blind Because Of One Simple Toy!!

Sometimes the most innocent toys in the world can be extremely dangerous, and you have to keep an eye on the kids so that something serious doesn't happen. Some ophthalmologists are urgently urging parents to prevent home lasers from being children's toys. Do you know what the laser can do when it is directed at our eyes?

Ben Armitage is an ophthalmologist who began investigating the vision problems of a child just 7 years old, and his problems were the consequences of a laser that took 75% of the little boy's vision. 

The doctor had to explain to the parents that the laser was not a toy, and that it had burned the child's retina in the back of the eye, next to an area called a macula. 
This area is considered extremely sensitive and therefore the loss of vision was so high. When questioned, the boy stated that he felt no pain when he lit his eyes, but as the minutes passed, he began to feel that his sight was blurring, and this was due to his progressive loss of sight.

The ophthalmologist gave hope to his parents, and after disinflamming, the child was expected to recover some of his vision. However, this was not what happened, and after an analysis, unfortunately determined that even glasses would not be able to repair the damage in the child's vision.

So be careful ok?
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