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Purple Woman Wants To Increase Her "Bra Cup" Even More!! - Video

Known as Bunny and for raves at various cosplay exhibitions (where participants dress up for their favorite anime and manga characters) and not just for having purple skin, she has breast implants of 850 centiliters, but she wants it now to increase the size of the breasts even more. 

In the US television program 'Botched', Bunny left the surgeons open-mouthed begging to have "breasts of an unnatural and exaggerated size." 

The American, who every day paints her own purple skin from head to toe, now wants to put two-liter silicone implants. Bunny confessed that he made the first breast augmentation at age 18 and that the surgery had several complications.

Yet they go forward with the new procedure. Doctors said it was not advisable and "very controversial" for an 18-year-old woman to place silicone implants, even over such an exaggerated size, but nothing would stop the "purple woman."

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