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Man Dies After Daughter-in-Law Squeezes His Balls!

Indian police report a case in which a man died after Anima Kharia, his daughter-in-law, attacked him during a rooster fight in Saitola, a village in northern India. 

According to the Hindustan Times, Kerketta became involved in a hot discussion between her daughter-in-law and her son, Bhairaw. The man and the daughter-in-law were arguing, after the rooster they had taken to fight had lost the fight. 

It was then that she grabbed her father-in-law by the balls, blowing one of them out. The man eventually bleed to death on the spot.

Police Ashok Kumar stated that "the couple were probably drunk." Kharia confessed to the murder, but added that it was accidental. The police added that "the man died because it was drained in blood" after "one of the testicles explode". This was one of the causes mentioned in the autopsy report. 

The suspect remains in police custody, but neither she nor her husband has been accused of participating in a cockfight, which is an illegal event in India.
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