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King of Ink In Risk Of Losing His Arm!!

King of Ink Land King Body Art Extreme Ink-Ite, the man with the most tattoos in Britain, is at risk of losing one arm after his body rejects an implant. 

Matthew Whelan, the real name of the 37-year-old man, will undergo surgery to try to save his upper limb. King of Ink decided to deploy a racer-like silicone object in the arm, in honor of his high-fighter days. 

Resident in Birmigham, the man has more than 300 tattoos all over the body. Matthew tattooed her eyes in black, removed her nipples so she could have more skin space to tattoo and split her tongue in half.

His first tattoo was made at age 16, and since then, Matthew has spent more than 45,000 euros to modify his body. "Eight years ago I was in the hospital fighting for life after being stabbed by a 'hate crime.' Now, curiously enough, I'm in the same ward to fight to keep my arm going.

I already have this implant since 2015, However, it was only now that the skin began to reject it, "the man told The Daily Mail. 

King of Ink will soon undergo a surgical operation to remove the foreign object to his arm skin, the only chance he has not to lose the limb.

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