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Couple Only Eats 3 Times a Week

A husband and wife live a 'food-free' diet and claim they survive by only eating vegetable broth or fruit a handful of times a week.

Akahi Ricardo, 36, and Camila Castello, 34, who live between California and Ecuador, said they have forgotten what hunger feels like and believe humans can be sustained solely by the 'energy that exists in the universe and in themselves'.

Mother-of-two Camila even practised a 'breatharian' pregnancy, only eating solids five times during the nine months she was carrying her first child.

'Humans can easily be without food, as long as they are the connected to the energy that exists in all things and through breathing,' Camila said.
Ms Castello said she feels 'healthier' and 'happier' as a 'breatharian', claiming it has helped regulate her weight and eliminated any symptoms of PMS.

The couple, who teach courses on breatharianism, claim their 'food-free lifestyle' has improved their health and allowed spend the money they save on grocery bills on other passions.

Akahi said: 'Obviously, our living costs are a lot less than most families and that has allowed us to spend our money on things that really matter like travelling and exploring together.
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