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Could Not Eat Any Food

A Derby woman suffering from a rare condition has told how she was unable to eat food for TWO YEARS because it left her in pain - but she is now on the mend after paying for surgery abroad.

Emma Green, of Chester Green, has spent the past two years feeling so poorly due to suffering from artery compressions – a condition which has meant she has struggled to eat any food at all.

The problem is understood to have been caused by surgery Emma had at just 15-years-old to correct her 'S'-shaped spine, caused by scoliosis.

Although surgery was successful, Emma, 29, has continued to suffer a number of health issues, including painful artery compressions.

She was eventually diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, a condition that affects connective tissue.

The former Ecclesbourne School student's digestive system got to the point where it could not tolerate food entirely.

Even eating the smallest amounts of food caused Emma pain, diarrhea and sickness. She tried various dietary hospital drinks alongside her dietitian but to no avail.

This has had a major impact on Emma's life - she is currently unable to work and had struggled to socialise and get out of bed. It also meant she had to give up her love for singing as well as other hobbies.

She had lost a lot of weight because of her condition and was living day by day purely drinking a specially-prescribed hospital drink called Elementary Extra.

Emma would drink bottles between five to ten times daily just to help get through a day without suffering severe pain.
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