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Born With Monkey Tail!!

A boy who was born with a long, hairy tail, identical to a monkey's, is the new sensation in an Indian village in India. Dulha Singh, eight years old, was born with a piece of hair on her lower back, which is compared by the local population to that of the Hindu God, Lord Hanuman, who also, according to country legend, had a similar piece of hair. 

Currently Dulha lives with her uncles. The boy's parents died and it is Aunt Sahib Singh who looks after him but refuses to cut off his tail.
"His mother once decided to cut off his tail, but he died before he did," says his aunt who has since decided not to do anything to the boy's back, believing that if he does he can bring them a Bad omen. 

The case is so large that several people, especially from neighboring villages, have gathered to pray to Dulha, believing that the boy is indeed the incarnation of the Hindu god. "People come to see him every day. They think he's really Hanuman Ji," says his aunt. The boy also believes that the tail is a divine gift. 

Speaking to Barcroft Tv, Dulha said that people come to see him every day and "ask blessings to think of Hanuman Ji." When asked by journalists if she likes to take off her tail, Dulha said she does not mind having it and thinks that cutting it of "something bad" can happen to her family. 

Despite her fame, Dulha's classmates do not find her tail amusing and they are constantly offending the boy.
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