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98 Years Old Grandmother Fulfilled Her Dream Of Watching A Strip Show!!

The group of male strippers Deamboys, the best known of the United Kingdom, had a very special public presence in the show this last weekend, which was held in Colchester, Essex. 

Betty Wright, 98, fulfilled the long-held dream of seeing sculptural models and dancers undressing. Betty has been alone since her husband died more than 30 years ago. In the home where he currently lives, the employees asked him what the dream he had never seen fulfilled and the answer made everyone gawk.

"She said she loved to see a male stripper, I thought it was good for her, if it was the dream that she wanted to make it come true, just because the elderly are in a home does not mean they can not dream and see those dreams come true." 

Director of Betty's institution, Ryan Morning. Strippers invited the elderly to go on stage The elderly woman was entitled to two hours of striptease show, with full nudity. "She called me to tell me how fantastic she had been.

She loved it, she's a really unique lady," reports the director of the home to the Metro newspaper. The elderly woman was accompanied by an employee and was very well received by the Dreamboys. 

Betty was invited to go on stage for dances with the strippers, but having mobility difficulties turned out to be the employee of the home to have such honor.
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