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Weird 50ft-Long Sea Creature - Video

A massive 'sea creature'' washed up on a beach and no one's quite sure what it is.

 The carcass was found in Indonesia's central Maluku province and, to be fair, I have absolutely no idea what this could be either.

Apparently, it really confused both locals and authorities as they tried to identify what the hell it is.

Local residents started sharing images of the carcass (which was still bleeding) on Wednesday, May 10.

The 50ft-long creature was initially believed to be a boat by locals before they realised it was some kind of creature.

It provoked an army response as troops were called in to help clear it all away, reports the Sun. There were a few local reports that claimed fishermen were saying that it was a giant squid.

The thing is, giant squids are thought to only grow up to 43ft for females and 33ft for males.

However, a coordinator of Indonesia's Marine and Coastal Resources Management said it was likely to be a whale. A whale?! That thing doesn't look anything like a whale. I'm calling it as an alien.

Some samples have been taken of the creature and sent off to a laboratory to attempt to identify the species so hopefully it won't be too long until this mystery is solved.
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