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The Return Of The Doll's Brothel!!

The owners of the first sex brothel with robots from Europe are considering expanding the business, starting with the UK. In an interview with the Daily Star, a representative of the company LumiDolls revealed that the strategy is to find investors. 

The brand recently opened its first European brothel in Barcelona and now wants to reach the entire continent. "We are currently in the process of expanding and looking for more franchisees in other countries," said the interviewee. "If anyone is interested in the brand, you can contact us," he adds. 

The LumiDolls' first establishment opened in the city of Barcelona at the end of February in an initiative that ended up not being popular and giving rise to complaints. The space has closed doors after less than a month. The Spanish police went to the apartment building where the brothel was located to see if it was legalized. It was then that he discovered that it had already closed.

Prices were around 80 euros per hour. The establishment provided four different robots, each with its own ethnicity. The 'Katy' doll had a European look, was blonde and a half-foot tall. 'Leiza' was an African with 168 centimeters. 'Lily', with Asian features, measured 1.61 meters, and 'Aki' represented a Japanese anime character, with a height of 1.65m. "All our dolls, like all women, have oral, vaginal and anal cavity," the company explains. 

And, by the way, the company makes clear that "LumiDolls are, before and after each service, properly disinfected with special antibacterial soaps." Safety is a top priority. "We guarantee high standards of hygiene, but we always recommend the use of dolls with a condom," the spokeswoman said.
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