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The Black Tape Project!!

With summer almost at the door, sensual looks are becoming a normal sight in nightclubs and nightlife. However, a new trend is pushing boldly to the limit and puts the women out at night completely naked, only with tape to cover their nipples and genitals. 

The Black Tape Project was created by Joel Alvarez, an artist from Miami, USA, who began by showing his creations on tape in models that worked in several local discos. 

The project quickly became fashionable and the designer began to be invited to night spots across the country, such as New York, or Las Vegas, to apply glue to women who want to have fun at night.

After Alvarez's work became viral, and collaborating in fashion productions and video clips of international stars, the fashion of black ribbon began to expand and reached the world. 

The company of The Black Tape Project has even organized parties in Europe.

To continue the 'invasion' of the trend, it will not be long until the sight of a young woman just covered by pieces of glue becomes real in a national nightclub.

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