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Old Nokia Phones Find New Life as Sex Toys

Why invest in an expensive vibrator when you might have one sitting on your pile of old gadgets?

Because of their strong vibration function, old Nokia "dumb" phones are getting new life as vibrators, according to a survey on female masturbation in India.

 One hundred woman responded to the poll by Agents of Ishq, a project focused on sex, love and desire in India.

And they had some surprising answers about how they achieve maximum satisfaction. "The old Nokia vibrating phone made several appearances on this survey,"

Agents of Ishq wrote earlier this month in a post about the survey, which was originally brought to our attention by Vocativ. "We have no idea why that company is not the market leader after this."

 While a survey of just 100 women hardly suggests old Nokia phones are going to show up in sex shops anytime soon, it's nonetheless, well, buzz-worthy that women are getting smart about dumb phones.

 Nokia did not respond immediately to a request for a comment regarding the secret sensual lives of its phones.

While using a phone's vibrate function for sexual gratification might sound bizarre, keep in mind that sex toys like vibrators aren't as readily available to women in some countries as they are in others. Nokia phones aren't the only products to offer sexual satisfaction.

According to the Homemade Sex Toys website, there are ways to use any cell phone as a vibrator.

The best option seems to be the alarm method. Just program your alarm to go off every minute on vibrate for as long as you think you'll need to get the job done.
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