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Naked Man Tries To Punch Police - Video!!

An amateur cameraman caught this Sunday the moment when a man walks all naked through the streets of Chelmsford, England, and tries to punch a policeman when he pursued him. 

In the video, the exhibitionist is seen walking down the street until an officer of the authority appears and tries to intercept him to put handcuffs on him. The man tries to knock the policeman away, punching him, but ends up unbalancing himself and falling to the ground, eventually ending up being detained. 

Kye Tuckwell, a witness to the incident, said the bizarre incident took place on Duke Street at six o'clock. "It was crazy, the man was walking all nude like he was normal, he came from the train station and he did not look drunk, it was pretty quiet until people started trying to talk to him," Kye explained. 

Tuckwell reported the moment when an officer of the authority appeared at the scene and tried to stop the man. "When the police arrived he tried to run away and then hit the officer. 

It seemed like they were trying to handcuff him," he said. A police spokesman in Essex said, "Police were notified on April 30th at 6 pm that a naked man would be walking on Duke Street in Chelmsford. Police forces w

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