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Mother or Girlfriend??

Lie Yelin, 49, won the title of "the youngest mother ever" on the Internet, because of her extremely jovial appearance. The mother of Xie Yixuan, Lie, has often been confused with her son's 22-year-old boyfriend. 

The young man confessed that even there was once his girlfriend even made a scene of jealousy to see him with his mother, thinking that he would be betraying her with another woman his age. 

For the son, the mother is undoubtedly the most beautiful woman in the world. "My mother has always been beautiful, and over the years she is improving even more, she loves to play sports and keep fit, but she rarely wears make-up," the son told the newspaper.

Lie has also become a star on social networks due to her toned body and wrinkle-free face, which make her look "younger" 20 years. The woman reveals that her "fountain of youth" is undoubtedly the regular physical exercise. "I love to stay in shape but I rarely use cosmetics and creams. People do not believe in this, but this is the only secret they have: to play sports and lead a healthy life," he said. 

Lie Yelin believes that his example may help more women fight for a look they like to look in the mirror, and believe they will do so even when they are 80 years old. "I want to be pretty even when I'm old," he concluded.
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