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Living With Dead Grandfather For 10 Years

An Indonesian family lives daily with the corpse of the grandfather, who died 10 years ago, inside the house. The story is told by a journalist who was on the scene, quoted by the Blasting News chain, which reveals the details of the day-to-day life of this clan. 

According to the reporter, the body is inside a coffin in a small room. He says the corpse is rough, gray and has holes similar to those of insect bites. The relatives face the situation naturally, and once asked about the man's condition, the daughter will have answered that the old man was only sick. 

The Blasting News reports that the grandchildren played near the dead and asked their mother why her grandfather was always sleeping. Her mother motioned for them to remain silent, as if she did not want to wake the old man. 

Paulo Cirinda, as he was called, will have died more than 10 years ago, but the family treats him as if he were still alive.

Cases like these are relatively common in the region of Tana Toraja, on one of the Indonesian islands, and are part of ancient traditions. 

The locals believe that they must take good care of their dead relatives so that the spirit does not scare the family. They do everything possible to keep the deceased comfortable, treating them as if they were just sick. They serve them food, drink, cigarettes, give them showers and even change their clothes. 

The bodies are not alone, and when night falls, the light of the division in them is kept on. The funeral is only done long afterwards, when relatives are emotionally and financially prepared to face the death of their loved one.
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