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Kid Rips $7.200 in Cash

One father returned home on Saturday to find that his restless five-year-son had discovered his hidden money stash, and completely destroyed it.

The boy had been left alone at his home in Qingdao while his parents were out and apparently decided to entertain himself by ripping to shreds the 50,000 yuan ($7,200) in cash that he had found inside a drawer.

After taking a long, deep breath, the father, surnamed Gao, collected up all the banknote scraps, stuffed them into a plastic bag and took off for the local bank.

Unfortunately, workers there told him that if he wanted to exchange the damaged banknotes for new ones, he would first have to piece them all back together again.

For two days, the dad worked diligently on this project, but eventually found it impossible, telling reporters that some of the notes had been torn into three or four pieces, and others into more than a dozen. In the end, the father said that he couldn't blame his son for the unfortunate incident.

"He's still little, he doesn't know any better," Gao said.
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