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Japan Is In Need Of Ninjas!!

The famous Japanese warriors, one of the main tourist attractions of the country, are becoming insufficient. Now, they are looking for qualified candidates who can hold the position of ninjas. The art of war of the ninjas, known as "ninjutsu", has been part of Japanese culture since the 14th century, at a time when espionage and infiltration were their main tasks. 

However, it is not only in their home country that the warriors have been successful. In television and in the cinema, the ninjas have already served as inspiration for several productions. 

They are known for their supernatural characteristics, especially for the power to become "invisible."

Nowadays, in Japan, the reality is quite different. The increase in tourism in recent years has led to the creation of the most varied attractions related to practitioners of this type of martial arts. Theme parks and restaurants dedicated to them can be found all over the country, which is making it more difficult to find properly qualified ninjas. 

Takatsugu Aoki, head of a martial arts group in Nagoya City, explains that "with the increasing number of visitors to the country, the value of ninjas as a tourist attraction is greater." 

The leader adds that, due to the great popularity and search of the heroes, "there are insufficient ninjas". To practice "ninjutsu", it is necessary to fulfill a set of requirements, including training in unarmed combat, sword fighting and acrobatics. Possible candidates are now being sought to fill this position.
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